How God Gets Our Attention

The month of May just zoomed by, as I was crazy busy with adjusting to summer vacation with the kids at home, my part-time job, and everything that goes along with that. Honestly, I’ve been doing a whole lot of “looking in my house.” How God Gets Our Attention Thinking over the last six weeks […]


Competition Is Irrelevant When You Follow Your Passion

I’ve had a blog (albeit, in several different forms) since 2008. I’m amazed by a couple of things when I look around at other moms with successful money-making blogs. Some of these bloggers have been online and working for a shorter amount of time than I. There are a dang lot of women bloggers, but […]


Mission Field or Mopping Floors? Following God’s Call

I think most of us have an idea that God’s call is usually only valid if it involves foreign countries where you’re scared to drink the water and have to get a dozen vaccinations before you board a plane. But you know what? Is that being a stay at home mom? Is that cutting hair? […]


Establish the Work of Our Hands

Psalm 90:17 is written on an index card and taped to my kitchen cupboard door. You can tell it’s been hanging there now for a few years. The edges of the card are bent; and if you look closely, you’ll see some spatters of food or drink around the “of” and the “our.” I keep […]


9 Ways to Use Other Bloggers’ EBooks to Grow Your Business

If you spend even a day online, you will discover an eBook or two for sale. In fact, most of the bloggers I follow regularly have at least one eBook under their belts. Writing an eBook has always seemed like an out-of-reach ideal that I’d probably never do. I mean, I reasoned, What in the […]

Buy Now! The Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle Is the Best Deal You’ll See This Year!

***This Bundle is no longer for sale.***   It’s here! The Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle features 97 ebooks valued at more than $600 for ONLY $29.97. That’s $.31 per book. Wow! I’m convinced this is the best deal you’ll see all year. And if you need some ideas about how to use this bundle—beyond the […]


Do You Know God’s Call for Your Life?

“I sensed God was calling me to the mission field.” “We really felt God was not calling us to leave just yet. We felt there was more work to be done.” “I’ve always felt called into teaching.” Have you heard people say these types of things when they’ve been discussing their life’s plans or work? […]


Awesome Sale You Don’t Want to Miss – The Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle

***This Bundle is no longer for sale.*** I can’t wait to tell you about this amazing deal coming up next week! Get more than $600 worth of ebooks and ecourses for just $29.97! Authors include some of the most popular bloggers in the “homemaking” niche (and I use that term broadly): Amy Lynn Andrews at […]


Lacking Motivation? 4 Tips to Pull You Out of the Rut

Most of us are susceptible to the temptations that bog down our momentum when it comes to starting or growing a new business. Poor time management skills, procrastination, and self-doubt creep all around us. Before you know it, you’re paralyzed, de-motivated, and your great plans for a creative project or a new business endeavor are […]