Do You Want to Work at Home?

By | February 8, 2011

We women are complicated creatures; at least, I know that I am.

I have always had creative and business aspirations. I have always wanted to have a family and be a successful home manager.

I know that I can’t have it all (women who say you can have it all are either wealthy and pay for a lot of work to be done in their stead or terribly disillusioned).

No, I believe that having what you have is a beautiful mix of making choices within the framework of God’s leading, your talents, and your affinities—and deciding on prioritizing passions and necessities.

I also believe that one aspect of determining these things can be achieved by looking around you—in your house—to see what he’s given you.

Stumped to find God’s will? Just take inventory of what he’s put in your path of responsibility and possession, then embrace it and ask for his leading.

Stumped to find God’s will? What’s in your path of responsibility and possession? Embrace it and ask for his leading.

Remember that what God calls us to do, he will equip us to do.

Start a Work at Home Business

One terrific compromise to the work/family balance, I believe, is working at home or working from home for professional clients and/or running one’s own business.

I am amazed at the varied and passionate creativity that so many of my friends and peers possess.

Are you thinking of starting a work at home business? Consider the following benefits and challenges.

Benefits of a Work at Home Business

  • Flexibility to work when you can/want to
  • Little overhead (no commuting or dry cleaning bills)
  • Little risk to begin (often a computer and Internet connection are about the only tools needed to start)
  • Can be more productive if you enjoy working alone

Challenges of a Work at Home Business

  • Can be easily distracted if chores are calling your name
  • Can be lonely if you enjoy working around people
  • Little to no boundaries between family life and home life
  • Interruptions in the family routine (school holidays, sick family, etc.) can derail work plans

Great websites for more info:

The Work at Home Woman is a great resource of information for just about any type of at-home work you’re interested in doing. is another highly recommended (I first heard them featured on NPR) site that features legitimate work-at-home jobs.

SoloSmarts from Kelly McCausey features a helpful blog and podcast that will guide you in getting a home based business off to a great start.


Download my free report, 5 Easy Steps to Discover the Home Based Business That’s Perfect for You, for more ideas about working at home.

Important Reminders

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Mary Bernard is a Nashville-based writer and mother of three. She's worked in a variety of corporate and creative environments, but none is more comfortable than the dining room table in her own home. Mary loves to help moms discover God's unique call to look in their own houses for their priorities, passions, and provision.

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