Establish Boundaries

By | January 2, 2011

Modern-day women are too often overworked and overwhelmed, yet we find ourselves piling on more and more responsibility. We commit to time-sucking activities that take us away from our goals.

Our culture of excess has fooled us into believing that more is always better. Full is always better. Busy is always better.

If we’re overbooked and in demand, we feel important, right?

That’s why I’m making a concerted effort to:

Establish boundaries by evaluating each commitment through a priority grid.

In yesterday’s post, I discussed my goals for the new year.

So, today’s tip is a partner to it.

In order to achieve those goals this year, I must daily be mindful of them. A good way to do this is to weigh each decision according to its usefulness in achieving my goals. So, I require the activity/event/commitment to meet three of the four following criteria:

  1. Renew me spiritually
  2. Renew me emotionally
  3. Renew me relationally
  4. Make some money

Each activity that requires time, energy, money, or other resource from me will be pressed through this grid.

Volunteer opportunity? Soaking in a tub with a good book? Accepting a freelance writing project? Taking my daughter out for ice cream? All will need to be evaluated by this new system.

Will it grow me spiritually? Will it strengthen relationships in my life? Will it be financially profitable? Will it give me an energy boost so that I’m better equipped to pursue Christ, other relationships, and/or making money?

More than one “no,” it’s crossed off the “to-do” list.

What do you think? What boundaries do you need to establish for your resources?

Important Reminders

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Mary Bernard is a Nashville-based writer and mother of three. She's worked in a variety of corporate and creative environments, but none is more comfortable than the dining room table in her own home. Mary loves to help moms discover God's unique call to look in their own houses for their priorities, passions, and provision.

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