The Unprecedented Popularity of The Crock Pot Girls on Facebook—and What’s Really Going On

crock pot girls on facebook

I have been consumed (consumed, I tell you!) with a social media phenomenon this week surrounding the overnight success and explosive viral growth of a Facebook fan page called Crock Pot Girls. In fact, you’ve probably “liked” it and at least a dozen or so of your friends have “liked” it within the last few days.

crock pot girls on facebook

I noticed in my Facebook news feed that three or four of my friends had “liked” it, so I clicked over to see what I was missing if it was something I should “like” as well.

The Crock Pot Girls on Facebook

When I got over to the page, I noticed a rather non-descript photo of three women decked in black holding their Crock Pots (with a couple of Crock Pots on the floor—why did you put them on the floor?). The wall posts were just three- and four-ingredient recipes and lots of people saying, “I love this page!” and “I love my Crock Pot!” and things like that.

Since I’ve been in an “un-liking” mood lately on Facebook and I have gotten rid of at least a couple of Crock Pot and slow cooker recipe books at yard sales in the last few years, I chose not to like the page and move on. I can’t remember at the time how many fans the page had except that it was already passed 100,000, which I remember impressing me but not enough to have me explore it any further.

Fast forward a few days and I noticed another friend’s post about a separate website calling the instant popularity of the Crock Pot Girls page and its viral growth into question (this is a wonderful post, incidentally, and the commenters raise some interesting points). Since Wednesday night (less than 48 hours), this page has jumped from 800,000 to almost 1.1 million fans. Absolutely unbelievable.

After some research on Google through various posts and persons’ hypotheses (another post with excellent comments that you must check out), I have come to my own conclusions about this unprecedented turn of events. Here’s what I think happened (completely my opinion and speculation):

  • Three moms got together and said, Hey let’s put up some Crock Pot recipes on Facebook.
  • They did that.
  • People liked the page and their friends liked the page. (What I can’t account for between August 19 and say, August 28 or so is how so many people found out about the page. Once people were “liking,” their friends saw that and followed suit. But how did that first handful become alerted? Not sure. Several commenters on posts have said that it could have been FB bots working to get followers. Many say they’ve looked through the FB accounts of the posters on the Crock Pot Girls page and they seem to be “fake” accounts. Others say the friends who liked the page originally in their stream are now not listed as “likers” of the page. If you refresh the Crock Pot Girls FB page and watch the counter, I guarantee you it will jump 30, 40, or 50 likes per click! To me, that’s not just crazy; it’s really impossible. Will the counter ever stop, even for 5 minutes?)
  • Then, regardless of how those first thousand folks got onto the FB page, legitimate people joined, something unbelievable happened. At this point, it has become the “perfect storm” of:
    • Women love their Crock Pots (as a friend, who is a working mom of four, said yesterday when we discussed this).
    • Women are incredibly busy and don’t have the time, interest, or skills to make meals every night from scratch.
    • The FB page format capitalizes on the human ego by allowing others to post their recipes, their variations, their suggestions, and their experiences. People love to talk about themselves, even if it’s just about their favorite Crock Pot recipe (which I don’t really get, but whatever—then again, I do have a blog … ha!).

I counter the legitimate, organic nature of the growth, however, with these arguments:

  • You can Google “Crock Pot recipes” and get your hands on any type of free Crock Pot recipe you want. That’s a heck of a lot easier and streamlined than wading through hundreds of wall posts about all types of ingredients.
  • Crock Pot and slow cooker cook books abound. I have gotten rid of several.
  • As far as I’m concerned, Stephanie O’Dea is the consummate Crock Pot girl, but she devoted an entire year to a create journey through slow cooking. Through that, she has become a bestselling Crock Pot cookbook author. But it took her a year to find her fan base and maintain it. And her FB page has only 4400 fans.

The Crock Pot Girls and their “people” should expect a cease and desist letter really soon. Crock Pot is a trademark. I suspect the owners are doing their own investigation into this.

And—for the record, I love my Crock Pot. So, I consider myself one of the target audience. I am a busy mom; I work, take care of home and family. I use my Crock Pot about 3-4 times a month. But I find little value in joining this FB page and posting my recipes (readily available in a variety of places) alongside comments of my undying love for the page and my beloved kitchen appliance. I say, MAJOR disconnect between reality (what’s happening on their page) and my own experiences as a member of the target audience.

What do you think? There’s more to come in this saga and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and for your Crock-Pot-ing pleasure, I offer you my all-time favorite Crock Pot chicken recipe. ;)


Stocking Up on School Supplies for You

I love this time of year for many reasons, not the least of which is back to school shopping.

And I don’t mean for my kids, necessarily. I mean for me.

Today I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a few items that I know are on the shelves there this time of year.

For only $1, I picked up a pocket day planner calendar. It runs from July 2011-December 2012. I love the format and size. It’s so simple yet perfect for me to tote between work and home. The same thing at Staples is selling for at least $10.

I also found a large desktop battery-powered calculator. The buttons are big and the display is big. It’s not scientific; it’s just super-simple. I love it. I usually use my calculator on my iPhone or the computer, but this is really handy to pull out for quick access.

I picked up a package of knock-off Sharpies (multi-colored) and dry erase pens. Score!

Now is the best time to get super deals on pencil boxes, glue sticks, tape, and notebooks. I try to stock up on these items, too, for us to use all year long.

What do you love most about back to school shopping?


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What Dressing Your Truth Has Taught Me

Yesterday I wrote about my discovery of the Dressing Your Truth program.

Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what I’ve learned through the program.

First, I’ll let you know that I’m a Type 1: a Bright and Animated woman. My nature is to be bubbly, optimistic, bright, animated, random, fun, and cute.

Yet I have lived for so many years degrading these tendencies in my mind, squashing my nature, and being subconsciously miserable because I wasn’t “living my truth.”

I was always an outstanding student. Somewhere in the middle school years, I decided (or was told) that cute, bubbly girls were stupid. More than anything, I’ve always wanted people to think I was smart. So, I set aside my Type 1 attributes, in an effort to be perceived as intelligent. Actually, I think I’ve always felt I had to “prove” to everyone that I was capable and smart because I thought I needed to compensate for—what I perceived as—my youthful looks, my short stature, and my less-than-authoritative voice.

In high school, I decided I wanted to be a television news journalist. I believe now that I chose that career because there was just enough “excitement” for my Type 1 nature but was “legitimized” by the seriousness of professional journalism. In my mind, I equated seriousness, scholarship, and success with Type 4.

And so with everything in me, I tried to live as a Type 4. Type 4s are structured, highly organized, direct, and precise perfectionists. I think because these are such opposite qualities of my Type 1 “fun” characteristics, I put them on a pedestal of sorts and think that in order to “get it together,” I need to be a Type 4—that somehow I’ll have arrived if and when I adopt and practice these Type 4 characteristics.

And so, this tug-of-war has characterized the last 20+ years of my life.

No wonder my twenties were miserable, as I shuffled through career choices. Television news was not a good fit for me because of the deadlines. Every day, I had to meet frequent—sometimes hourly—deadlines that proved way too suffocating and really, somewhat boring.

Motherhood has been another trying area for me. Again, I’ve brought my assumptions that a Type 4 mom is the “best” with clockwork-type schedules for chores and parenting. I have tried to pour myself into these molds. They work sometimes for awhile. But eventually, I just become bored with the monotony and predictability.

I’ve always enjoyed school, and now I know why: Change of classes, teachers, and classmates, just when the topic starts to bore; and freedom to design your day by choosing times and topics for classes. Freelance writing and editing is another great fit for me. I have a variety of topics on which to work, and I set my own schedule to meet a deadline. I can work when I want, dressed the way I want, anywhere I want.

I’m a Type 1 mommy, and now I’m working to re-embrace those God-given tendencies. I’m working to discover new ways to do “old” things, so that I’m happier and more productive. I’m trying to let go of my “I should/I need to” inner-dialogue that has for so long judged me and pointed out my “flaws.”

This program has brought so much into focus for me. Why I act the way I do. Why I’ve felt inferior and unfulfilled. Why I truly succeed at some things yet find others terribly difficult and unsatisfying.

And Dressing Your Truth has given me a way to express the inner on the outside. I am loving discovering the visual expression of my true nature. It’s spilling into every area of my life. Chris says that I’m smiling and laughing more.

If you feel like you’re missing something but can’t put your finger on it, I encourage you to check out this program. Once you’ve spent some time with Dressing Your Truth, come back here, tell me your Type, and how it has affected your life.

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Discover Dressing Your Truth

During my “blogging hiatus,” I discovered a terrific program that has truly turned around my life! I have hesitated to talk a lot about it here because, frankly, some of the principles are a little bit unorthodox and not entirely compatible with biblical Christianity. (And in all things, I must follow biblical principles.)

Nevertheless, I’m going to let you know about it because I do believe that so much of the program displays God’s truth and his glory in its entirety! You know that God’s truth is God’s truth, regardless of the “container” in which it resides. So it is with this, I believe.

And so, allow me to introduce to you Dressing Your Truth. This program is a “personality profile” program like no other. The creator, Carol Tuttle, has identified four types of people, based on the four elements of matter—the roots of all living things: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

To me, it makes perfect sense that we would mirror our Creator, finding similarity with other elements of Creation in this manner. While some may say this degrades humanity or pits it “lower,” I disagree. We humans are the ultimate expression of Creator God’s work, but we still have a connection with the rest of the created order. We are creatures, still, after all.

(As somewhat of an aside, I believe that in an effort to keep Christian orthodoxy intact, we have chosen to ignore the “supernatural” aspect of our faith. We mustn’t forget that there is an “unseen” aspect to our relationship with God. C.S. Lewis reminds us that we are not bodies with souls; we are souls with bodies. That mentality of the spirit/body/physical connection dovetails nicely with the Dressing Your Truth program.)

Anyway, Carol goes on to identify women according to their Type and their “natural expression.” So, for example, a weeping willow tree has a different “natural expression” than, say, a mighty oak. Is one “better” than the other? Is one more beautiful? Is one more or less of God’s creation?

The answer, of course, is a resounding No! Yet we women have allowed the fashion industry and Hollywood dictate to us the “degrees” of beauty, femininity, and worth. We as women tend to view one (or a couple) of the Types as “better” or “more beautiful.”

The entire program (and philosophy, if you will) is the most refreshing and accurate thing I’ve encountered in a long time—maybe ever! It smokes the other personality profile and color-matching systems, with the possible exception of the Enneagram. Carol offers many free components for you to try out at her site, and there are low-cost aspects for you to explore, so that you can learn your Type. The entire Dressing Your Truth program is more of an investment but completely worth it. I have spent hours soaking up all the posts, videos, and audio recordings at the site and have yet to exhaust them all! The program was my Mother’s Day gift this year.

Please check it out to discover more about yourself and the way that God created you. I’ve also included a link below to a site featuring Carol’s 7 Fashion Myths Exposed information. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more specifics about my personal journey and how God has taught me things I never knew about myself.


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Disclosure: I feature affiliate links on posts on this blog. If you follow my link and eventually make a purchase, I will receive a commission from my referral. You will never pay more through my affiliate link; in fact, you may receive a better price because you were referred by me.

What Do You Want?

I’ve been blogging here for a few months, and I appreciate your reading.

Now, I’d like to hear from you.

What do you like?

What would you like to read about more?

I’d love to create an eBook, but I want to hear what you’d like to read. On what topics would you like for me to write? If you were to come to the site, what type of eBook would you expect me to sell?

Tell me, people. What would you like to read here next?


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January 2011 Blog Stats

One aspect of my Look In Your House journey is getting this brand-new blog up and running and making money.

One of the tools I use to evaluate my progress is Google Analytics. Let’s focus on a few key areas of the first month of my new blog’s life.

Stats from Google Analytics

January 1—31, 2011

374 visits
596 page views
26 email subscribers
Friday, January 28 was the busiest day = 28 visits

Most popular posts with number of views:

Podcast with Jamie Reeves (61 views)
Become an Effective Decision Maker (51 views)
Spruce Up Your Spiritual House and Lose the Guilt (46 views)

Most active referral sources with number of visitors sent:

Facebook (114 visits)
The Writer’s Block (33 visits)
Blonde Mom Blog (25 visits)

Top keyword searches on Google (each sent one visitor):

1. elisha and the widow’s oil
2. journal entry prompts on christ
3. look in your house blog mary bernard
4. matthew henry “a way to pray” review
5. scripture on comparing oneself
6. the widow’s oil
7. what do you have in your house elisha
8. widow’s oil thought provoking question

A few take-aways

  • Readers are staying on the site and looking at more than one page during their visits. (Consistent posts and good writing will keep this trend.)
  • The podcast feature was well-received, and my first guest was a wonderful referrer of traffic. (Continued podcasts with quality guests will keep this trend. And I love it!)
  • Facebook continues to be the top referrer for my blog posts. The majority of my readers are my Facebook friends. (Continued use of Facebook to drive traffic will keep this trend. More interaction on the Facebook page may increase traffic, too?)
  • The keyword searches and Google referrals were quite disappointing, but I am working on SEO and building back links. (More posts and improved SEO strategy should improve this number for next month.) Also interesting that Scripture keywords sent readers to the blog. I will continue optimizing for Scriptural references.

What do you think about my stats?
What trends do you see?

Are Consignment Sales a Big Waste of Time?

If you’re a mom, you’re probably familiar with children’s consignment sales.

In Nashville, the consignment season begins in mid-February and runs through April for spring/summer clothing; fall/winter sales begin in mid-July and run through September. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I could probably find a consignment sale to either sell in or shop at within a 50 mile radius of my house most every weekend of each season. (To find a consignment sale in your area, visit Kids’ Consignment Sales.)

Consignment sales offer many perks:

  • Sellers can get rid of stuff and make some money, often slightly higher than what they’d net at a garage sale.
  • Sellers get early dibs (and sometimes first dibs) on shopping.
  • Sellers can sell without the hassle and expense of setting up, advertising, and working a garage sale at their home.
  • Sellers can simply indicate “donate” on unsold items and they never have to touch them again.
  • Shoppers get great deals on gently used children’s items, which they can often turn around and sell again.
  • Shoppers can support fellow moms and women entrepreneurs who own and run the sales, as well as their fellow consignors.

I am a seasoned consignor and consignment sale shopper. I have participated in numerous sales, mostly as a member of my parents of multiples club.

But this season, I’ve decided to consign with another local consignment “franchise,” which is the largest in our area. The fee is $10; the profit is 70%. If anyone is going to make money with minimal effort (and I’m really focusing here on best use of my time—return on investment), it will be at this sale. I really want to see if consigning is worth the time for me to sell.

When most people consider “looking in their houses” for money-making opportunities, they automatically think about selling stuff they no longer need.

Well, I’m going to test that theory and post my data here. I’ll log how many hours I work preparing for the sale, money spent for supplies, number of items I put into the sale, how much (if any) I spend at the sale, my consignor’s fee, and of course, my earnings when it’s all over.

Stay tuned during February to see how I do with the consignment sale!

Do you sell and/or shop in consignment sales?
Do you consider them “worth it” in terms of time spent?


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photo: Encores and More consignment sale

What Opportunities Are You Missing?

One of my goals at Look In Your House is to remind myself and to help you to be aware. Intentional. Engaged.

So much of my life is on auto-pilot, dictated by someone or something outside of me. I have acquiesced decision-making to others, and I don’t like it.

The distractions, also, cause the truly important things to blend into the background; to fade into obscurity.

I don’t like that, either.

What’s in your house? What do you need to notice in a different light? Where can your awareness be sharpened?

Take this test and let me know how it prompts you to make some changes.


It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for.

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Welcome to My New Blog

Do you routinely feel that your life is just beyond your control?

Just slightly out of your grasp?

That things happen to you or at you, catching you up in the whirlwind of the inevitable chaos?

Yea, me, too.

And I’m tired of it.

I’ve decided that some of the choices I make directly affect my quality of life.

Startling revelation, huh?

So I’m beginning this blog for several reasons:

  • To document our journey out of chaos into tranquility (stop laughing!)
  • To keep me accountable: I’ll write here about things we try in our own family and that process will keep me on track to follow-through.
  • I’ll help you; you’ll help me. I hope to find like-minded folks out there who can travel with me.
  • I want to make some money for my family. I’ll be honest that part of the reason to begin this blog is to create a new monetary stream. After all, I am a writer; using my gift in this manner makes sense to me.
  • I’ve not found a website like this one—the one I envision—out there. I’ve found a slew of fashion, relationship, devotional, cooking, couponing, etc. sites. But that’s not what this is. I may have some of those features from time to time, but I hope to incorporate them more holistically into a woman’s life.

I don’t believe that a blog like this—or a life turn-around as I envision—can be accomplished apart from a thriving relationship with Christ. So, I’ll be blogging a lot about ways I’m pursuing a more faithful and consistent walk. That is the primary goal of this blog: to direct me—and you—to God in all his glory.

Some other topics I’ll address:

  • Ways to shut out the distractions of the “noise” around me to live more focused and peacefully
  • Ways to work smarter—not harder—and contribute to my family’s finances
  • Ways to fulfill my many roles while nurturing my own passions
  • Ways to improve my financial, spiritual, and physical health

I totally don’t have all the answers! But that’s part of why I want to start this blog. I need to work smarter. I need to lose 40 pounds. I need to build the emergency fund. I need to love my husband better.

I’m betting you do, too.

Will you join me on my journey?