Desperately Seeking Passion

My daughter had a school project due. We headed to Michael’s, which is, of course, a requirement for all school project creations. Something about that day’s trip was different for me. I don’t know. I’ve shopped in Michael’s hundreds—maybe thousands—of times. But that day, I was nostalgic. I longed to trim photo edges with scallop… Read More »

A Beautiful Reminder From Jeremiah

Do you ever meditate upon the quality  and characteristics of God’s love? God’s love for you is a pursuing love. It is relentless, irresistible, and infinite. God is faithful to love perfectly those whom he chooses to set apart for his affection. ~~~ For more inspiration, subscribe to my blog.

The Unprecedented Popularity of The Crock Pot Girls on Facebook—and What’s Really Going On

I have been consumed (consumed, I tell you!) with a social media phenomenon this week surrounding the overnight success and explosive viral growth of a Facebook fan page called Crock Pot Girls. In fact, you’ve probably “liked” it and at least a dozen or so of your friends have “liked” it within the last few… Read More »

I’ve Looked in My House and It’s a Mess

This is not anything new, really. My house is always a mess. By “house” I mean both my physical dwelling, as well as my mental/emotional/spiritual “house.” And I straddle sanity between enjoying the permission to be unstructured with the overwhelming desire to “get it together” and get it cleaned up. The first few weeks of… Read More »