The Power of Interruptions

By | August 7, 2011

I’ve written before about my often-successful ability to multi-task. I’m sort of proud of the way that I can stop and start and juggle a myriad of things at once.

But I realized recently that interruptions actually pack a powerful punch to my creative writing productivity. I catch myself thinking, Well, I’ll just throw a load of laundry in while I’m writing or I’ll get the dishes going before I sit down.

You know what? Those seemingly innocuous interruptions somehow trigger de-motivation and detachment from the project at hand; and sometimes, I become absolutely derailed.

I say, Never underestimate the power of interruption.

Going into this new school year, I’m going to be working more, both for my part-time employer, contract assignments, and my own creative pursuits. I must respect how powerful interruption is in my life. Even thoughts, responsibilities, and appointments can carry the power of interruption.

So, in an effort to eliminate distractions:

  • I’m saying no to more and more activities and responsibilities. In many ways, I hate it because I love being involved. But in identifying our priorities, our family needs me to be focused on work this fall. I’m not very focused when I’m running here and there with all sorts of things on my mind.
  • I’m aiming to begin and end my day with the most important things: the Word and the family. Getting myself back into a routine of daily Bible study and meditation and resuming our family worship time with the kids before bed will help me compartmentalize my life (can you see how much we’ve strayed into bad habits this summer?). I’m a firm believer in work at work time and play at play time. Too long, they’ve all run together in my world, making it rather dysfunctional.

What do you do to minimize distractions? How do you organize family time and work time? Share with others in the comments below.


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