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By | June 13, 2011

During my “blogging hiatus,” I discovered a terrific program that has truly turned around my life! I have hesitated to talk a lot about it here because, frankly, some of the principles are a little bit unorthodox and not entirely compatible with biblical Christianity. (And in all things, I must follow biblical principles.)

Nevertheless, I’m going to let you know about it because I do believe that so much of the program displays God’s truth and his glory in its entirety! You know that God’s truth is God’s truth, regardless of the “container” in which it resides. So it is with this, I believe.

And so, allow me to introduce to you Dressing Your Truth. This program is a “personality profile” program like no other. The creator, Carol Tuttle, has identified four types of people, based on the four elements of matter—the roots of all living things: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

To me, it makes perfect sense that we would mirror our Creator, finding similarity with other elements of Creation in this manner. While some may say this degrades humanity or pits it “lower,” I disagree. We humans are the ultimate expression of Creator God’s work, but we still have a connection with the rest of the created order. We are creatures, still, after all.

(As somewhat of an aside, I believe that in an effort to keep Christian orthodoxy intact, we have chosen to ignore the “supernatural” aspect of our faith. We mustn’t forget that there is an “unseen” aspect to our relationship with God. C.S. Lewis reminds us that we are not bodies with souls; we are souls with bodies. That mentality of the spirit/body/physical connection dovetails nicely with the Dressing Your Truth program.)

Anyway, Carol goes on to identify women according to their Type and their “natural expression.” So, for example, a weeping willow tree has a different “natural expression” than, say, a mighty oak. Is one “better” than the other? Is one more beautiful? Is one more or less of God’s creation?

The answer, of course, is a resounding No! Yet we women have allowed the fashion industry and Hollywood dictate to us the “degrees” of beauty, femininity, and worth. We as women tend to view one (or a couple) of the Types as “better” or “more beautiful.”

The entire program (and philosophy, if you will) is the most refreshing and accurate thing I’ve encountered in a long time—maybe ever! It smokes the other personality profile and color-matching systems, with the possible exception of the Enneagram. Carol offers many free components for you to try out at her site, and there are low-cost aspects for you to explore, so that you can learn your Type. The entire Dressing Your Truth program is more of an investment but completely worth it. I have spent hours soaking up all the posts, videos, and audio recordings at the site and have yet to exhaust them all! The program was my Mother’s Day gift this year.

Please check it out to discover more about yourself and the way that God created you. I’ve also included a link below to a site featuring Carol’s 7 Fashion Myths Exposed information. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more specifics about my personal journey and how God has taught me things I never knew about myself.


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5 thoughts on “Discover Dressing Your Truth

  1. Vicki P

    This is fascinating! Love the rotating photos of the before/after photos! Can’t wait to learn more about it.

    Great to see you’re back at blogging. I missed your posts.


    1. admin

      Thanks so much, Vicki! It really is so interesting. 😉 I appreciate your reading and commenting. Hope you are well.

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