What Do You See In Your Vehicle?

By | March 16, 2011

What’s In Your House? Weekly Link-up

This week’s writing prompt for the weekly link-up:

What do you see in your vehicle? What’s the potential for creativity there? How might God use your vehicle for great purposes?

My response:

Oh, my vehicle. My van limps along. I love her—the Green Dinosaur, as I call her—but she’s on her last wheel. Still, she serves many purposes.

I think of the blessings of having (fairly) reliable transportation and a vehicle that’s big enough to hold several kids or lots of stuff. My vehicle could be used for helping, serving, cleaning, and toting.

Some people may look at their vehicles and see opportunity for an auto detailing business or an auto mechanic service business. I just don’t love my car that much. Cars are simply modes to get from here to there for me.

I do use my car for one very special thing, though: creative and prayerful brainstorming. The FM radio no longer works, and I only pick up a few AM stations on a clear day. So, I have a lot of quiet time in my van as I drive a 25-minute commute both ways, three days/week.

My brainstorming is a mish-mash of prayer, reflection, and action items. I use the voice memo button on my iPhone to record my stream of conscious thoughts. These may be potential blog posts, business ideas, or to-do lists. But that “down time” is vital to keeping me sharp.

Your turn now …

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Thanks for participating!

Writing prompt for next week:

What do you see in your bathroom? What’s the potential for creativity there? How might God use what’s in your bathroom for great purposes?


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