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What Is Robbing Your Time?

Last week, I wrote about the commodity of time in our lives. Mainly, I’m interested to explore this further because I live in the middle of a great paradox. Most of the time, I’m running around, doing a million things and getting crazy amounts of things accomplished: running a home, working a part-time job, shopping,… Read More »

Discerning God’s Call for Your Life

No—I don’t have a “special word from the Lord.” I don’t have a glimpse into the future. But I do have some experience with questioning, soul-searching, wondering, asking, and praying. After spending four decades on this planet, I’ve come to believe that finding God’s call is not a singular goal to attain. Rather, it’s a… Read More »

The Role of the Ordinary in the Story of Elisha and the Widow

I told you about how I named this blog in yesterday’s post. I told you the story of Elisha and the widow from 2 Kings 4. One of the most important aspects of the passage—I believe—is the role of the ordinary. I believe that God chooses to operate against the backdrop of ordinaryness so that… Read More »