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By | February 10, 2011

I happened to catch an interview with business expert Jen Groover on BetterTV (and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get the clip here). If you have about 5 minutes, follow the Better TV link and watch the clip titled, “New Year New Business.”  (And as soon as the clip shows up on YouTube or Jen’s site, I’ll post it here.)

I thought she had some great tips for getting started in your own business. I also thought it quite timely to see her on TV just as this blog is gaining speed. So I summarize here her main points.

Start Your Own Business from Jen Groover

  1. Begin with a vision. Create a vision board (read more here).
  2. Write a business plan, focusing on what separates you from everyone else.
  3. Network socially and strategically.
  4. Create and perfect your pitch for three audiences: clients, potential partners, and potential investors.
  5. Protect your ideas; consult an intellectual property attorney.

These five points give me great goals for the next several weeks.

I am a visual learner, so I’m definitely creating a vision board right away. Not that I believe there’s any power or magic in “visualization,” but I do think that when we change our perspective (literally), we can sometimes learn something new.

The other points will force me to continue tightening my vision for this blog and my business goals, in general.

Have you tried any of these business-starting strategies?
How did they help move your business forward?


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photo: Jen Groover Productions

Important Reminders

Please note: this blog features affiliate links. Should you make a purchase using my link, I will receive a small commission in exchange for my referral.
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