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Feeling Overwhelmed? and How to Make $1000 a Month Online

I wanted to pass along two really interesting links for you, especially as we continue to explore issues of time management here. Overcoming Overwhelm Michael Hyatt posted a helpful list about how he has overcome feeling overwhelmed. I liked his list and I believe he has some positive things to say. His major take-away, though?… Read More »

What Is Robbing Your Time?

Last week, I wrote about the commodity of time in our lives. Mainly, I’m interested to explore this further because I live in the middle of a great paradox. Most of the time, I’m running around, doing a million things and getting crazy amounts of things accomplished: running a home, working a part-time job, shopping,… Read More »

5 Ideas for Fighting Discouragement

How do you fight discouragement? Doubt and uncertainty can be almost paralyzing. So, try these ideas for moving past discouragement: Pray. Call your best friend, husband, or sister and ask them to pray for you, too. Ask God to show you a clear direction for your work/idea/pursuit. Ask him to shut doors that should not… Read More »

Housekeeping Routines and Maintenance Are No Fun, But They Work

I discovered something last week. No truer words have ever been spoken than: A stitch in time saves nine. You see, I have fallen off and on the wagon of daily routines and housekeeping “maintenance.” I have been a FlyLady devotee—and I have wallowed in my dirty laundry. (I’m great at exploring all places on… Read More »