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February 2011 Blog Stats

It’s the end of another month and time to analyze my blog’s activity. I’ve had a great month. See my stats below with January’s stats in parentheses. ~~~ Don’t miss a post. Subscribe to my blog now, please! Stats from Google Analytics February 1—28, 2011 1944 visits (374) 3311 page views (596) 39 email subscribers… Read More »

Work That’s Meaningful: Work Within Your Gift and Skill Set

I realized something cool the other day. I have a built-in check to evaluate whether or not I’m working within the parameters of my true gifts, skills, and talents. In my previous business pursuits—everything ranging from data entry and broadcast journalism to school teaching and direct sales/referral marketing—I’ve tried super-hard to convince myself and everyone… Read More »

My Favorite Blog Tools

I’ve created a special page to introduce you to my favorite blog tools I use here on Look In Your House. Take a look and refer to my list if you need some guidance in getting your own blog up and running. My Favorite Blog Tools

Focus on Finances

Going into 2011, our family is not in the healthiest of financial positions. We realize there are lots of reasons for that, and I plan to explore those in later posts. But today I just want to address the basics for pursuing your financial goals: 10. Determine your net worth; set goals for increased net… Read More »