Find Online Success Through a Support Group

I spent several hours on Saturday with the Nashville Women Who Blog, a group of women who blog and live in and among the Nashville area.

I was first introduced to this group in the fall of 2009. I had been blogging and feeling my way around the business side of blogging for a few months, rather clueless about all the ins and outs of websites and writing for the web.

The women are super-savvy, creative, and business-minded. These bloggers use their online platforms to promote their small businesses, writing endeavors, and creative endeavors. I am always encouraged and inspired after spending a few hours with these gals.

Find Your Own Small Group for Encouragement

Regardless of your creative or business niche, you, too, should find a group for support and encouragement. I can’t over emphasize the importance of meeting regularly with others.

If you don’t know of a group already in existence that you can join, why not start one? Use Twitter, Facebook, and Meet-Up to find other similarly-minded folks in your vicinity who may like to meet on a regular basis.

Just put it out there and see what happens.

Being a member of a group will offer you:

  • Insight, tips, tricks, and knowledge for your business or craft.
  • Moral support, encouragement, and shared experiences with others who have similar interests.
  • Launching pad for partnerships, which can be mutually beneficial to all businesses.
  • Accountability and assistance with all those “business-oriented” tasks, such as goal-setting, determining vision, and making action plans.

In the spirit of blogging love, I’m giving a shout-out to the gals I met with on Saturday. Go visit their blogs and tell them I sent you!

Carrie from Tiki, Tiki Blog and Bilingual in the Boonies

Rowena from Romesticity and Rostitchery

Brigid from and Sweet Pea Embroidery

Jena from Southern Joy

Tanna from Complete Organizing Solutions

Sami from

Scarlet from Family Focus Blog

Leisa from

Do you have a group for support, encouragement,
and ideas for your business?


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Why and How to Start a Work at Home Business

work at home, work from home, home based business ideas

work at home, work from home, home based business ideas

I have been a WAHM (work at home mom) since my first child was one. It’s not always easy; some challenges come with the territory. I talked about that in a previous post, “Do You Want to Work at Home?”.

But honestly? I have loved it and really prefer it to a full-time office job. (In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you that I’m now working at an office part-time and loving that, too.)

I’m a writer—a profession that transfers well to working from home. If you don’t know why you should work from home or exactly where to begin, I have some helpful suggested resources for you.

Why Should I Work at Home?

People choose to work at home (or from home) for a variety of reasons. You may consider it if:

  • You’d love to earn money while also having time for your family.
  • You see that the cost of childcare and other full-time work-related expenses outpaces your income.
  • You have an entrepreneurial bent, are interested in being your own boss, and/or are a self-starter.
  • You don’t mind being alone most of the time.
  • You prefer working alone on deadline-oriented projects.

How Do I Begin a Home Based Business?

Now that you’ve decided to work from home, exactly how do you make that transition?

Before you make the full leap, have a general plan in place. Begin your research with some of these websites:

1. Subscribe and follow Kelly McCausey at Solo Smarts.

Kelly has many years’ experience of working from home as a solo business owner, and she’s a fantastic coach to moms who want to do the same. I highly recommend her podcast, products, and coaching. Some of my favorites that I think you’d find helpful when just starting out include:

2. Find help and information with Solo MasterMinds.

The SoloMasterMinds group is a forum for encouragement, assistance, and accountability. The savvy and experienced businesswomen who hang out there are eager to help you and answer your questions.

3. Read a lot from people who are doing what you’d like to do. Some of my “go-to” sites for insightful blog posts and podcasts include:

If your income has been a big part of the monthly family finances, then switching to a work at home job will cause your finances to take a hit. Be sure there is enough financial cushion in your bank account to weather the first six months of your new career. It will take time to establish your business.

Ideally, I’d suggest beginning your home based business alongside your traditional business. Once your work at home business is successfully generating some income, you can more easily transition out of your traditional job.

Get Home Based Business Ideas

For more home based business ideas, including ways to work at home, download my free report, 5 Easy Steps to Discover the Home Based Business That’s Perfect for You.

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